We constantly review your monthly direct debit payment amount. Whenever you come to our app, we check that what you’re paying is enough to cover what your expected annual usage is, for the next 12 months.

Your expected annual usage is calculated using any actual meter reads we’ve billed to, combined with an annual estimation of usage provided by the energy industry. The more meter reads you give us, the more accurate the estimated usage is.

We then calculate the cost of that usage using the rates of your current tariff, plus the rates of any future tariff you’re due to change to in the next 12 months. This is called your ‘personal projection’.

We also check that, if you have a credit balance, or a debt balance, that it will be cleared to £0 when your fixed contract comes to an end.

Why does the app tell me to change the amount?

Every time you give a reading, the expected usage for your property changes and we recalculate the recommended direct debit amount.

If the recommendation is more than 10% higher than your current payment amount, we change the message in the app.

We want you to benefit from the best deals on the market when your fixed contract comes to an end, so it’s important you try to keep your payment amount in line with the recommendations.