What is an objection?

If you’re trying to switch your gas or electricity, your existing supplier may raise what’s called an “objection”, which can either stop or delay the switch taking place.

Your existing supplier may do this for a couple of reasons:

  • You may still have outstanding debts on your energy account
  • You’re breaking the terms and conditions of your contract with them in some form

Your existing supplier can only raise an objection in certain circumstances, which should be detailed in your contract with them. However, in most cases, an objection occurs when there are debts that have not been paid for on your energy account.

In addition your supplier cannot raise an objection under the following circumstances:

  • You haven’t signed up to a contract
  • Your contract has expired
  • You’re on a “deemed” contract. Customers are moved onto a “deemed” contract when a previous contract expires or more commonly when they move into a new household. This process exists to ensure that there is a continuous supply of energy without interruption.
  • If you’ve been in debt for less than 28 days

If a supplier does raise an objection, they must let you know as soon as possible and do the following:

  • Explain fully why they’ve raised an objection
  • Explain fully how the objection can be resolved so it can be removed

If you have any concerns, or are unsure about an objection raised by your existing supplier, you should get in contact with them as soon as possible to clarify the situation.