What is an IDNO? | Independent Distribution Network Operator

There are 14 electricity regions in the UK – within these larger networks, there are smaller independent network operators (IDNO).

What are IDNOs?


IDNOs or Independent Distribution Network Operators own and operate small networks within the 14 other electricity regions. There are currently eight licensed IDNOs:

  • Energetics Electricity Limited
  • ESP Electricity Limited
  • Harlaxton Energy Networks Limited
  • Indpendent Power Networks Limited
  • Peel Electricity Network Limited
  • The Electricity Network Company Limited
  • Utility Assets Limited
  • UK Power Distribution Limited

IDNOs are still regulated by OFGEM (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) but do not have all of the same license conditions as the larger DNOs.


Where are IDNOs?


IDNOs can be located anywhere geographically throughout the UK.


What if I am on an IDNO?


There’s little difference between these independent networks and their larger counterparts – and OfGEM monitors their pricing under ‘Relative Price Control’ to ensure it is comparable.