What is an MPAN and where can I find it?

MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number.


It is the unique number for the electricity supply point in your home. It does not refer to a particular metre as some people assume.


Your new supplier needs this so that they can correctly identify which property they need to provide electricity to. Providing this number can also help speed up the process so that you can switch as soon as possible.


Where can I find my MPAN?


Your MPAN number is 21 digits long, and can be found on any of your electricity bills. It is law for this number to be included, so you will find it here. Most bills will refer to this as your “MPAN”. However, some bills will refer to it as your “supply number”.

So in the below example, the MPAN is the bottom line, “1601236789456”:



what is an mpan


If for whatever reason you cannot locate it on your bill or are unsure, you can also call your electricity supplier who will be able to give this to you. When you call their customer services, simply just request for your “MPAN”. This will be held by their Meter Point Administration Service department (MPAS).


A common mistake for customers is to look at their actual metre for this number – it will not be found here. In addition some customers mistake their “customer reference number” for their MPAN – your “customer reference number” purely identifies you as a unique customer, not your electricity supply point.