Lumo are committed to achieving certain guaranteed and overall standards of performance, which are listed and explained here.

What you can expect from us?

There are a number of standards that we and the rest of the energy industry are legally required to follow, they are called Guaranteed Performance Standards. As part of our commitment to you, we’ll always strive to go above and beyond these standards. However, if there is an occasion where we haven’t met them, we think it’s only right to give you some compensation. These are the commitments we’ve made to you as our customer, with details of when we would offer you compensation.

We’ll turn up when we say we will

You can book an appointment in the morning or the afternoon. If we miss that appointment, we’ll pay you compensation. This will be £30 for a missed visit related to your gas or electricity meter, or both.

If you have an erroneous transfer

An erroneous transfer is when an energy supplier tries to take over a gas or electricity supply by mistake (where there is not a valid contract 1).

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Your details have ended up with the energy supplier by mistake – this is more common if you live in a flat or new-build.
  • Your meter details are incorrect on the national database that all energy companies use.
  • There’s been a human or systems error at the energy company.
  • You have related supplies and the new supplier has only taken over one.
  • In very rare cases, your details may have been used fraudulently to apply for a switch.

As a customer, you are protected by the ‘Erroneous Transfer Customer Charter’ which all energy suppliers need to follow. You can read more about that here, or keep reading for more information on what we’ll do to help you.

If you think you’ve been erroneously transferred, reach out to our team.

  • We will investigate it with the other supplier involved and aim to come to an agreement within 20 working days of you contacting us, that you have been erroneously transferred.
  • We will also aim to send you a communication within 20 working days of you contacting us, to tell you what’s happening and confirming the outcome of our investigation with the other supplier.
  • If you have indeed been erroneously transferred and we are the original supplier, we will aim to return your supply within 21 working days of us agreeing the erroneous transfer with the other supplier.

Should we not do any of the above, we will pay you £30.

1 “Valid Contract” means a contract for the supply of energy that has been entered in by yourself with the supplier, and relates to the property that has been transferred.

If we don’t refund you after a final bill

In cases where you have had your final bill and you are in credit on your account (we owe you money)

  • We will aim in having your final credit balance on your account refunded to you within 10 working days of you receiving your final statement (or correct final statement).

This applies to you if you have transferred to another supplier, or have moved out of a property we supply.

Please note, this will not apply if you have experienced an erroneous transfer.

Should we not meet the above, we will pay you £30.

If we don’t make a compensation payment within 10 working days

If we are required to make a payment for failure of performance, we will make sure this is paid within 10 working days. Should we not pay you within 10 working days, we will pay you an additional £30.
This payment can be added to your account, sent via BACS bank transfer, or cheque.

There are some circumstances in which we will not pay the £30 compensation:

  • Where we are in a genuine dispute with the customer as to whether we are obligated to make a payment to them.
  • If something occurs that is outside of our control e.g we have been unable to attend your property due to severe weather conditions, an act from a person that is not a representative of our company.
  • If the customer informs us that they no longer wish to taken action, or further action over the issue.
  • The meter has been tampered with e.g stealing energy.
  • If we cannot gain access to the meter or property.

All of the above standards are subject to change from Ofgem, and if we are required to pay in relation to this change, this will not stop us from dealing with that standard in a way that will resolve any related issues.